OHS October 62th Class Reunions


The Final 62nd Reunion of the Class of 1959

While an early 62nd OHS Class of 59 Reunion was held in Louisville, Colorado at The Huckleberry Dinner on May 12, 2021 a super final event was planned for October 3, 2021 by the board members of the class of 1959.

The board members of the OHS 1959 year planned a really nice final Grand 62nd Reunion for the 1959 Class of OHS. It was a wonderful event. A dinner was held at Hotel Ottumwa. There was a good turnout and would have been even better if a few more of the class had attended. There was a social hour that was followed by a dinner event with several plate options. Which included Grilled Steak, Baked Pork Roast, Creamed Chicken and Shrimp Scampi.

While the food was very good even better were the communications between those that attended the event.

I have just learned that it has been decided by the Reunion Committee that this will be the last Class Reunion for the Class of 1959. I also learned that some of the folks attending were actually the parents of our classmates that could not travel for the event. But overall I think it was an excellent event and a wonderful opportunity to renew long term friendships with our class members. It was very nice to travel to Ottumwa and relive in the super town that it is.

Thank you all for attending and reliving our education years.

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Below are photos of the event

Table 1
Table 1
Pink sweater on the left is Anita Pohlson LaMonte
who is leaning in front of Bonnie Paris Anderson,
Bill Schertz and his wife Mary Schertz, Jan Gegenheimer,
wife of Tom/Lee Gegenheimer, Mel Anderson


Table 2
Table 2
Ralph Young and his wife Lois, Shirley Heckart Hendrix
and her husband John Hendrix, Louise Fuqua Kitterman
and her brother-in-law John Tarbell and two ladies in the
front are Susie Quinn Bailey on the front left and
Judy Pumroy Knisely on the front right


Table 3
Table 2
Marge Leatherman Foster, Sharon Carroll Hardy,
Karen McFarland Ullrick, Karen Wilson Bailey,
Brenda Frazier Scott, Delores Witt Martshing, Kittv Mungovan Toomire


Table 4

Gary LaMonte, husband of Anita Pohlson LaMonte, Sherrill Gibson Helm,
Patty Aeschliman Mason and her husband Ron Mason, &
Nancy Chapin Arnold


Table 5
Table 4
Jerry McCall, Kathy Brown Patrick, wife of Lloyd, Lloyd Patrick,
Jerry Staton and his wife Sharon Schafer Staton,
Mr. Bill Kramer - our teacher


Table 6
Table 5

Joe Traul, Norman Higenbotham and his wife Linda Higenbotham, 
Joyce Shelby wife of Roger, Roger Shelby, Larry Wymore,
Jim Bower, Georgia Yoder, friend of Jim


Table 7
Table ^

Jim Bower and his friend Georgia Yoder, Helen Spurgeon Traul, 
Joe Traul, Norman Higenbotham and his wife Linda Higenbotham,
 Joyce Shelby and her husband Roger Shelby and next is 
the back of Larry Wymore’s head


It was a super gathering and would have been even better
if more of our class of 59 members could have attended.


Below are Group Photos of Classmates attending the 62nd

Group Photo

Jerry Staton, Bonnie Paris Anderson, Louise Fuqua Kitterman, 
Judy Pumroy Knisely, Shirley Heckart Hendrix, Marge Leatherman Foster
Standing row - Larry Wymore, Mel Anderson, Delores Witt Martshing,
Brenda Frazier Scott, Joe Traul, Karen McFarland Ullrick,
Helen Spurgeon Traul, Patty Aeschliman Mason, Nancy Chapin Arnold,
Ralph Young, Anita Pohlson LaMonte, Lloyd Patrick, Kitty Mungovan Toomire,
Sherrill Gibson Helm, Jim Bower, Sharon Carroll Hardy,
Norman Higenbotham, Susie Quinn Bailey, Tom Gegenheimer, Bill Schertz, Jerry McCall, Roger Shelby, Karen Wilson Baily

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