OHS Class of 59 "Most Wanted"

Actually, we want to know the contact information for all of the class of 59, but we have lost track of the specific classmates below.  Anybody that may know of the whereabouts of these folks please forward the information to
Bonnie Anderson   or Bill Schertz (if issues with sending see below)

Are You Lost?  Please apply the following test.*  Did you receive the 56th Reunion mailers?  If the answer is NO, then perhaps your lost.  Please report to Judy Engle or Bonnie Anderson (click on her name above) and let her know you think you may be lost.

Caroline Anderson Hanson

Robert Bailey

Jerry Bean

Beverly Beasley Denny

Nancy Bunten McNulty

Shirley Carnes Grear

Patricia Clark Parker

Maxine Conner Sardina

Evelyn Cropp White

John Crow

Carol Deborn Shullaw

Reva Kay Exline Rimmer

Mary Lou Findley Murray

Joyce Fuller Krebs

Ron Gaston

Jerry Gollaher

Eva Peterson Gordy

Judy Johnson

Charmaine Leedall Sage

Larry Lucas

Joy Millhouse Mcreery

Judy Orman Kandrac

Lloyd Patrick

Carolyn Pontello Crow

Vicki Richardson Hoskins

Larry Roberts

JoAnn Sampson Feehan

Judith Ann Stansberry Bunce

Linda Steele Conzad

Donald Vorhies

We also would appreciate E-mail Address for the Following Classmates

Anne Thomas Kropf
Barbara Bever Gage
Bette Blumer Stewart
Carolyn Borger Cordell
Charleatta Belger Zwer
Clark Raney
Connie Larson Miller
Constance Fosdyck Tipling
David Pottirff
David Webber
Delores Witt Marsching
Dennis Carroll
Dick Scott
Don Songer
Emmett Overtuf
Gary Albertson
Jane Howard Farquhar
Janet Howard owen
Jennie McWilliams Godkin
Jim Wood
Jon Davis
Jon Kinnamon
Joyce Blanchard Massey
Juania Rooker Norman
Judy Pumroy Knisley
Kathleen Lake urry
Linda Weems Leedall
Marty Carroll
Nancy Bunten McNulty
Pat Richards Hill
Patricia Fuller Bagg
Ralph Young
Roger Shelby
Ronald Brown
Sarah Krafka Sade
Sharon Rolison Ferguson
Sherrill Gibson Helm
Susan Quinn Bailey
Valerie Fullmer Moore
Virginia Leeper Hindsley

Bonnie Anderson or Bill Schertz click below

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Last Update 11/07/2014

* Didn't we use to hate the word Test?

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