School in China

Yunnan Project Hope for the Minorities Inc.

( a US Government approved  501(C3) Charity Corp)

I was employed by Efunds an Australian based company in the later years of my career. My boss based in California was from China an he and his family move out of China during WW2. The Australian company headquarters was in Hong Kong China and my boss Edward Yang and his brothers establish Yunnan Project Hope. While employed at Efunds I made a donation that allowed the creation of the Friendship school below.

One of the Projects

School Plack

Plack on the gate and named Kristen Gegenheimer Friendship School

School in China

School Opening Event

Opening Speech

School Opening Speech

Rope Cutting

Ribbon Cutting

China Visitors

Parents and other Local Folks

Opening Day

School Photo


Class Room with Students


School opened November 2005

I was employed by Efunds between 2004 - 2007. They built schools in China in areas that did not have sufficent facilities for childrens education. I donated to the organization and they built a school in the Yunnan Province that opened in November 2005. My family and I visited the school during it's opening. It was a wonderful event.

Classmates Shared Photo

Blast of the Past


Ottumwa High School Class 1959, OHS Class 1959, Ottumwa High School,

Class 59 OHS, Class 1959 OHS, Class 1959 Ottumwa High School, Class 59 Ottumwa High School