Hurricane Matthew

All is well, - John Debo survived the recent Florida hurricane per
his recent
e-mail communication. But he may need some cleanup assistance

John Debo

Lives in Oriedo, Florida

On 10/10/2016 8:16 AM, John Debo wrote:

I'm too old for this!  The front yard is done--branches dragged to curb, raking, etc., but the back yard--half an acre or more--is overwhelming!  Can't get the chain saw to run.  Need to get someone to go up on the roof--expect it's about time for shingles.  Lot of roof--we have about a five car garage and a 70 by 10 screened porch.

 Ah, well, I cannot complain.  Look at St. Augustine and the mile or more of A1A that went in the ocean!

No radios.  Recently sold my motorcycle--the one I rode out to San Francisco and back.  Expect I'll be selling the old Miata too.  Harder to fold myself up to get in it!

One thing I do get a big kick out of--the work SpaceX is doing.  I had a our of their launch pad about a year ago.  NASA needs to just step back and watch how space ought to be done!

Gotta get back to work.




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