50TH Reunion Classmate Quiz
Question 1. Name the Male (3rd from left)?

   Hugh Hefner

   Clark Gabel

   George Clooney



Question 2.  Who is this bird watcher?

   Phoebe Snetsinger

   Robin Fleming

   Agatha Christie



Question 3.  Who Is this famous sea captain?

   Captain Hook

   William Adams

   William Bligh



Question 4.  Who is the cowboy?

   Rex Allen

   Gene Autry

   William Lawrence Boyd



Question 5. Who is this famous yachting star?

   Paris Hilton

   Jennifer Aniston

   Katherine Heigl



Question 6.  Who is under the Straw Hat?

   Gabby Hayes

   Pablo Picasso's Man in Straw Hat

   Art Carney



Question 7.  Who is the woman in the middle of this photo?

   Winona Ryder

   Jane Fonda

   Meryl Streep



Question 8.  Who is the person dressed in China blues?

   Genghis Khan

   US Ambassador to China

   Kim Jong-il



Question 9.   Who is this Calf Roper (riding horse)?

   Poncho Villa

   Little Joe

   John Wayne



Question 10.  Who is this famous Volleyball Player?

  Karch Kiraly


   Ivan Miljkovic



Question 11.   Who is this well dress performer?

   The King Elvis Presley

   Martin Fox

   Burl Ives



Question 12.  Who is the Man in white shirt in photo center?

   Freddie Freeloader

   Cool Hand Luke

   Ben Hogan



Question 13.  Who is this?

   Ronald McDonald (At home & after work)

   Red Skelton




Question 14.  Who is this Male?

   Tommy Lee Jones

   David Letterman

   Glen Banks



Question 15.  Who is the Male Skier on left?

   Clint Eastwood

   Jack Hannha

   Jean Claude Killy



Question 16.  Who is this Law Enforcement Person

   Arizona's Sheriff Joe

  Trump's Body Guard

   Jean Claude Killy




Question 17.  Who is this Golfer

   Tiger Woods


   Fred Couples




This is a self test about a few of your classmates.
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